Q. How can I request a catalog be mailed to me?

A. Click here to request a catalog.

Q. When should I sign up?

A. The sooner, the better. As soon as you find a tour or cruise that appeals to you. Don’t put off your decision because many tours and cruises fill up quickly. The cancellation fees on most tours and cruises don’t apply until two to four months before departure. Booking early on cruises gives you the best cabin selection. If signing up after final payment, there may be an additional charge for higher airfare, cruise, or hotel costs.

Q. How do I sign up for a trip?

A. Please visit our Reservation Request page for more information.

Q. May I use a credit card to pay for our tour or cruise?

 A. Yes. Payment may be made by cash, check or Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

Q. May I stay longer at the destination to visit friends or relatives?

 A. Yes. When air travel is involved, clients may fly out early or return late if SUN TOURS is notified well in advance. Please call the SUN TOURS office, as soon as possible (preferably when you sign up), regarding any variation in your flight schedule. There may be additional costs involved.

Q. May I request that a friend be put on the SUN TOURS mailing list?

A. Yes. We encourage our clients to send us their traveling friends’ names and addresses by offering a $100.00 client referral incentive. Visit our Referral Incentive page for more information.

Q. Does SUN TOURS offer a senior citizen discount?

No. We offer our tours at the lowest possible price for everyone. Because service and quality are tops in all respects, SUN TOURS offers the best value you can find. 

Q. Are meals included?

A. Some tours include more meals than others. We use a code in the tour description for included meals: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, and D = Dinner. You’ll see how many meals are included on each tour page. These meals are also noted on the itinerary for each day of the tour except for cruises.

Q. How much baggage may I take?

 A. The cost of baggage handling (one piece per person) at hotels is included in the tour cost. There is an additional charge for a second bag. The pre-tour information letter gives the allowed sizes and weight of baggage and information about costs, if any, for the air carrier being used. Airlines allow one hand-carried bag, where we recommend travelers carry their valuables and essential items. Cruise ships allow two checked bags per person.

Q. I require oxygen. Can I travel with SUN TOURS?

A. SUN TOURS does not have any restrictions against oxygen. For tours that include flying, we would check with the airline regarding their restrictions and/or charges. For cruises, the passenger must make arrangements with his/her oxygen provider to have oxygen delivered to the ship.

Q. How do I get a passport?

A. Visit the U.S. Passport Office to download applications and instructions.

Q. How much walking is there on your tours?

A. Each tour is different, but travelers can walk as much or as little as they please. If an activity or walk to an attraction is too strenuous, you can opt out and find a comfortable place to wait for the others. We have added a convenient Activity Meter on each tour page to help you get a feel for how a tour matches your interest, energy, and fitness.

Q. What will the weather be like on my trip?

A. Weatherbase.com lists the weather averages per month for any city you search. You can view their site, and others like weather.com and wunderground.com to get an idea of what to expect. While we can not accurately predict the weather, we provide general information about the weather at your destination based on historical data in the FAQs section of each tour page.

Q. What happens if you have to cancel a tour or cruise?

A. Call us as soon as possible. SUN TOURS will refund all amounts paid, less any cancellation fee (these are noted on each tour and cruise description). If you are in a cancellation fee period, we can advise you on the procedure for making a claim–if you have purchased a Travel Protection Policy.

Q. Should I purchase travel insurance?

A. We recommend travel protection for those tours and cruises that have significant cancellation fees. Visit the Travel Protection page for more information.

Q. I don’t live in New Mexico. Can I fly from my home city to where the tour starts?

 A. Of course you can! On many of our tours, we have travelers who live elsewhere and who arrange to meet us in the city that we fly to. We give you a monetary credit for not using our airfare. We can help you book your flights from your home city, if you like.

Q. Will I get a reminder when the final payment is due?

 A. No. SUN TOURS does not bill for final payment. The booking and deposit confirmation that we send you gives the date of final payment. Just mark it on your calendar.

Q. Why is it more expensive to travel as a Single?

A. The Single price is largely a reflection of the costs of the hotel room when it is not shared between two travelers.

Q. I can’t find a roommate. Can you find one for me?

A. We try! Visit our I Need a Roommate page for more information.

Q. I belong to an organization that is interested in planning a trip for its members. Can you help us put the trip together?

A. Of course we can! That is our business. Contact us at 505-889-8888 or email: info@SunToursUS.com to discuss your group’s interests.

Q. Do you give out our names and phone numbers to other organizations?

A. No! No, no, no! Under no circumstances do we give your name, address, phone number, or email address to any other entity, except when required to do so by law, by the airline, or by the cruise line.

Q. Can I be guaranteed aisle or other special airline seating?

A. Our tours include all air from Albuquerque on coach or economy class. We can request special seating from our partner airlines but cannot guarantee it. When special seating is medically necessary, please provide supporting documentation from your doctor.

Q. Can I upgrade my air to “comfort,” “plus,” “business” or similar class of service?

A. We assist passengers who want upgrades for international flights but we cannot guarantee airline availability. Our tours include economy class air from Albuquerque. When available, we will get a price for upgraded air. (Prices for air upgrades are subject to change until time of purchase.) If accepted, passengers are credited for the SUN TOURS group air cost and charged for the individual upgraded air. An additional non-refundable deposit will be required. Air upgrades are only available between 330 days before departure and the final payment date.