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Tour Coordinator

Full-time position responsible for planning and coordinating domestic group tours. Tasks include complete tour development and logistics: thorough research on destinations; coordinating and scheduling transportation, hotels and attractions; ticketing; vendor contract negotiation; creating detailed itinerary instructions. Position requires multi-tasking; critical-thinking; attention to detail; strong verbal and written communication; excellent organizational and proofreading skills. Ability to manage, prioritize and execute tours and tasks to completion in a fast-pace, frequently-changing environment required. Experience in travel industry a plus.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Sun Tours Office, Albuquerque NM

Required Experience: Administrative Skills – 4 years

Preferred Experience: Travel Industry – 2 years

Preferred Education: Associate

Apply sending a cover letter and resume to

Tour Director

The Tour Director is responsible for providing a seamless, enriching, and enjoyable experience for SUN TOURS travelers on our U.S. and Canadian tours.

  • Attending pre-tour meeting to receive all relevant information from the Tour Coordinator.
  • Preparing for tour departure by reviewing the provided itinerary and detailed information, and supplementing the information with your own research on the historical, geographical and cultural aspects of the destinations.
  • Greeting and establishing relationships with our travelers from the start of the tour, whether departing by air or motor coach.
  • Guiding groups through airports, restaurants, attractions and in/out of hotels following our provided itinerary.
  • Coordinating with pre-arranged transport, hotel, restaurant, and attraction vendors prior to and at arrival.
  • Providing narrative to inform and entertain travelers on motor coaches and throughout the tour.
  • Assisting travelers to avoid and/or solve problems relating to mobility issues, accidents, illnesses, and other emergencies while touring.
  • Communicating with the SUN TOURS tour coordination team regarding any tour deviations or problems.
  • Attending a post-tour debriefing to review and evaluate all aspect of the tour.

Our tours originate in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Candidates in the Albuquerque area or with easy access to Albuquerque are preferred.

Our primary needs are seasonal. Current openings are for tours in July, September. and October.
For our current needs, tour experience in the following locations is a plus.
US: Wisconsin, Colorado, Vermont/New Hampshire, Black Hills.
Canada: Toronto & Niagara Falls, Canadian Rockies, Victoria

Candidates must be ITMI-certified with three or more years of experience or hold similar credentials or equivalent experience.

If interested in applying, send a resume and cover letter to

Tour Escort

Sun Tours provides escorts on most cruises and international trips. The escort accompanies the group and represents SUN TOURS from start to finish. Responsibilities are greatest on the travel days, the first and last days of the tour. They have limited responsibilities the rest of the time allowing them to enjoy the trip. An escort’s job is to make sure that everyone on the tour has a wonderful SUN TOURS experience. This can include answering questions, helping in case of an injury or illness, resolving lost luggage or other travel issues, and making sure that single travelers are not left out of activities.

Escorts are not paid, but take the trip at no charge. They are encouraged to bring their companion/spouse. Companions pay a reduced fee. On cruises, the lowest priced stateroom is provided. Escort and companion can choose to upgrade at a discounted rate. Escorts are seasoned SUN TOURS travelers.

If you are interested, send a letter to