Traveling with a Roommate, or Looking for a Roommate?

Why travel with a roommate?

Traveling with a roommate offers companionship and is less expensive than traveling as a single. For cruises, the cost savings is even greater as most cruise lines charge the same price for a stateroom, whether occupied by one person or two.

Can SUN TOURS help me find a roommate?

SUN TOURS will help find a roommate for those who want the companionship and/or cost savings of traveling double occupancy. When two people express interest when signing up for the same tour, we give them each other’s contact information.

Can I sign up for a tour before I have a roommate?

Yes! First, we sign you up as a single. When your roommate is ready to sign up, we change your booking to double occupancy and reduce your price accordingly.

What if my roommate cancels?

Your booking would revert to single occupancy at the higher rate. (The difference could be reimbursed through a Travel Protection Plan. See below.) Or, you may cancel your reservation, subject to any cancellation fees in effect.

What about the Travel Protection Plan?

Our Group Travel Protection Plan covers many unexpected travel-related costs such as medical expenses and trip interruption. If both roommates have purchased the plan, and one cancels for a covered reason, it reimburses the roommate for the difference between the single and double occupancy costs. We provide you with full details about the plan when you book your tour or at your request.


How can I meet a roommate??

Part of our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to travel with friends, new and old. We host an annual Single Travelers Event at our SUN TOURS office so that you have the chance to meet other travelers. We hope that this provides you the chance to mingle with others and find people who you think you would like to share adventures with. If you travel on any of our tours as a single, take note of those who you met on the tour that you might like to travel with again in the future. 

What if I have more questions?

Please call us at (505) 889-8888 or (800) 666-6786 or email us at