Oaxaca: Dia de Muertos

October 28, 2024 thru November 4, 2024

Discover Mexico’s rich heritage on a tour that spans from the vibrant Mexico City to the cultural depths of Oaxaca and the historic charm of Puebla. Experience the traditional Day of the Dead festivities, explore ancient ruins like Monte Alban, and indulge in culinary delights through hands-on cooking classes and local markets. Witness the artistry of Oaxacan crafts, from black pottery to colorful alebrijes, and conclude your journey with the ancient wonders of Cholula.


Roundtrip air transportation from ABQ




8 days, 7 nights

Activity Level 4



18 meals (7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners)



Documents Required


Tour Highlights

  • Local Markets
  • Monte Alban
  • Cooking Class
  • San Martín Tilcajete’s Alebrijes & Santo Tomás Jalieza’s Textiles
  • Local Cemetery for Day of the Dead Observances
  • Mitla
  • Teotitlan del Valle’s Textiles
  • Local Mezcal Distillery
  • Tule Tree
  • Masquerade Parade
  • Puebla’s Historic District Walking Tour
  • Cholula


  • Roundtrip air transportation from ABQ
  • All transfers & motorcoach transportation
  • 7 nights’ hotel lodging
  • 18 meals (7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners)
  • Admissions & tours as described
  • Professional Spanish speaking tour director
  • Baggage handling
  • Tour director, driver & local guide tips (excluding housekeeping)

Day 1 – Arrival in the Heart of Mexico

Your journey begins with your arrival at the bustling Mexico City airport, where the vibrant energy of the country’s capital immediately greets you. You’ll be accompanied by one of our Tour Escorts to ensure the journey is smooth. Upon check-in, you’ll be welcomed by the tour manager.

The evening sets the tone for the days to come with a welcome dinner, an opportunity to savor the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine and mingle with fellow travelers.

Meals included: (D)

Day 2 – Journey to Oaxaca

After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we head on to Oaxaca, a region renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and historical depth.

Midway, we pause in the city of Tehuacan for lunch, where you’ll have the chance to experience the local cuisine, a delightful blend of indigenous and Spanish influences, in a city known for its mineral waters and pre-Columbian history. Arriving in Oaxaca in the afternoon, the city welcomes us with its vibrant streets and colonial architecture.

Meals included: (B, L)

Day 3 – Oaxaca's Cultural Immersion & Monte Alban

The day begins with breakfast at the hotel. Our first stop is the bustling local market, a vibrant mosaic of colors, scents, and sounds. Here, we’ll explore the essential ingredients and materials that play an important role in Oaxaca’s Day of the Dead celebrations.

Next, we journey to the archaeological marvel of Monte Alban, perched majestically on a hilltop overlooking the valleys below. As we wander among the ruins of this ancient Zapotec capital, which thrived for over 1,200 years, we’re transported back in time. The site’s impressive array of temples, pyramids, palaces, and ball courts stand as silent testament to a sophisticated culture that once flourished here.

For lunch, we take part in a hands-on cooking class, where we’ll learn to prepare traditional Oaxacan dishes under the guidance of a local chef.

Our day concludes with dinner at a local restaurant.

Meals included: (B, L, D)

Day 4 – Artisan Villages & Day of the Dead Traditions

After breakfast at the hotel, we visit Ocotlan’s traditional market. This vibrant marketplace is a hub of local activity and craftsmanship, where the famed black pottery of the region captures our imagination with its intricate designs and unique finish.

Our cultural journey continues to San Martín Tilcajete, a village renowned for its whimsical “alebrijes“—brightly colored, fantastical creatures carved from wood. In Santo Tomás Jalieza, we’ll witness the skillful creation of exquisite embroidered textiles, a testament to the region’s rich tradition of handcrafted beauty. Each piece tells a story, woven with vibrant threads and intricate patterns.

As evening falls, we’ll enjoy a leisurely dinner at a local restaurant. The day’s journey transitions into a profound nighttime experience as we visit a local cemetery to witness the Day of the Dead observances. The cemetery comes alive with the glow of candles, the scent of marigolds, and the vibrant colors of sand and sawdust carpets, meticulously laid out to guide the spirits home.

Meals included: (B, L, D)

Day 5 – Mitla, Mezcal, and Masquerades

Our day begins with breakfast at the hotel. Our first destination is the archaeological site of Mitla, known as “The Place of the Dead.” Dating back to around 800 AD, Mitla is a testament to Zapotec architectural ingenuity, with its intricate friezes and geometric patterns that adorn the walls, offering a unique insight into the spiritual and ceremonial practices of the ancient inhabitants.

Next, we journey to Teotitlan del Valle, a village celebrated for its exquisite woolen textiles and traditional weaving techniques. Here, artisans utilize natural dyes extracted from local plants and minerals to infuse their creations with vibrant colors, preserving a centuries-old craft that has been passed down through generations.

The exploration of Oaxaca’s rich cultural tapestry continues with a visit to a local mezcal distillery. Mezcal, distilled from the heart of the blue agave plant, is an iconic Oaxacan spirit with deep cultural roots. We’ll learn about the traditional production process, from harvesting the agave to the distillation, culminating in a tasting session that offers a true taste of Oaxaca.

En route back to Oaxaca City, we’ll marvel at the Tule Tree, an ancient Montezuma cypress that stands as a majestic symbol of endurance and natural wonder. Estimated to be over 2,000 years old, its immense girth makes it one of the most significant living beings in Latin America.

This evening, we witness the masquerade parade, a vibrant component of the Day of the Dead festivities. Participants don elaborate costumes of devils and skeletons, dancing through the streets to the rhythm of life affirming music, visiting homes to receive offerings of food, fruit, and sweets.

Meals included: (B, L, D)

Day 6 – Journey to Puebla

Following breakfast at the hotel, we embark on our journey to the enchanting city of Puebla, known for its culinary heritage, colonial architecture, and vibrant arts scene. The drive, about 5 hours, offers a scenic transition from the rich cultural tapestry of Oaxaca to the historic charm of Puebla. Lunch will be enjoyed en route, providing a break and a taste of regional cuisine. Upon arrival in Puebla in the early afternoon, we’ll check into our hotel.

The afternoon brings a walking tour of Puebla’s historic district, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with beautifully preserved colonial buildings, ornate churches, and bustling squares. As we stroll through the cobblestone streets, the city’s history unfolds in the intricate talavera tiles that adorn many of the buildings, telling stories of a bygone era.

Dinner tonight is at your leisure. The city is famous for dishes such as mole poblano and chiles en nogada.

Meals included: (B, L)

Day 7 – Cholula's Ancient Wonders

After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we depart early for Cholula, an ancient city renowned for its pre-Columbian pyramid and rich historical significance, making it a pivotal site in Meso-American archaeology. As we explore Cholula, we’ll delve into the layers of history, culture, and legend that make this site fascinating, standing against the backdrop of the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes. Lunch will be served right at this historical site.

Following our exploration of Cholula, we’ll journey back to Mexico City. The evening we enjoy a Farewell Dinner at a nice restaurant, allowing us to recount the great memories we have made on tour.

Meals included: (B, L, D)

Day 8 – Adios

On your final morning, enjoy one last breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport and bid “Adios” to this land of vibrant cultures and deep history.

Meals included: (B)

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Package Pricing

$4,525 per person

Double occupancy

Deposit: $250

$5,225 per person

Single occupancy

Deposit: $250

Final Payment Due:

August 13, 2024

Deposit: N/A

Price Includes

• Roundtrip air transportation from ABQ
• All transfers & motorcoach transportation
• 7 nights' hotel lodging
• 18 meals (7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners)
• Admissions & tours as described
• Professional Spanish speaking tour director
• Baggage handling
• Tour director, driver & local guide tips (excluding housekeeping)

Booking Policy

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  • $250: August 14 – September 10, 2024
  • $2,700: September 11 – October 8, 2024
  • 100%: After October 8, 2024

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The activity level for this tour is Active.

Expectations: The tour includes well-paced walking tours with regular breaks. Up to 2-3 hours of walking each day. To fully take advantage of all this tour has to offer, guests need to be able to walk longer distances, climb several flights of stairs and navigate steps and uneven terrain walking for extended periods of time over more difficult terrain (e.g. cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, limited or no access to elevators). Your itinerary can include significant changes in temperature and altitude and may require a higher number of longer travel days with morning and/or evening activities. Most trips will feature long touring days, many full-day excursions and a full and active itinerary with a faster pace and longer distances. Excursions require standing and walking to city centers where coaches are prohibited.

Appropriate for: Travelers who are physically fit, expect a vigorous pace and enjoy participating in two to three hours of physical activity per day.


For your reference, we send to you a detailed itinerary approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the scheduled tour departure. This has day-by-day times and events, hotel information where you can be reached in case of an emergency, and airline information.

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The traditional end-of-tour gratuity to your tour director is included. All hotel porterage and airport skycap (when available) fees are included. We also include the gratuities for the coach drivers. Maid tips are not included.


If you would like to request special accommodations at the hotel(s) where we are lodging, please call us as soon as possible and we will forward these requests for you. The phone numbers of the hotel(s) where we are staying are listed on the itinerary.

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In late October, Oaxaca experiences a mild and pleasant climate. The average temperatures during this time of year range from about 50°F (10°C) in the cooler mornings and evenings to around 80°F (27°C) during the day. While the rainy season is winding down, there might still be occasional showers, but they are typically short-lived and less frequent than in the summer months.

The weather is generally comfortable for exploring the city and participating in outdoor activities, including the vibrant celebrations of the Day of the Dead at the end of October. It's advisable to pack light layers for the cooler mornings and evenings, along with comfortable attire for warmer daytime temperatures, and perhaps a light rain jacket or umbrella just in case.

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